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  • Daisuke Umeno (1999-2003) Chiba University, Japan: "Breeding around the biosynthetic pathways, genetic networks, bugs & students"
  • Jesse Bloom (2002-2007) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center: "Mutational antigenic profiling of anti-viral immune responses"
  • Sabine Brinkmann-Chen (2006-present) Caltech: "Engineering, predicting, and understanding the cofactor specificity of ketol-acid reductoisomerases"
  • Rusty Lewis (2014-present) Caltech: “Identification of mechanism-based inactivation in P450-catalyzed cyclopropanation facilitates engineering of enzymes with enhanced catalytic activity and stability”
  • Ruijie (Kelly) Zhang (2014-present) Caltech: “Enantioselective enzyme-catalyzed aziridination enabled by active-site evolution of a cytochrome P450”
  • Christopher Prier (2014-present) Caltech: “Asymmetric enzymatic synthesis of allylic amines: a sigmatropic rearrangement strategy”
  • Javier Murciano-Calles (2015-present) Caltech: “Directed evolution reactivates the tryptophan synthase β-subunit through conversion of allosteric potential into catalytic activity”
  • Andrew R. Buller (2013-present) Caltech: “Shortcutting biosynthesis: engineering a single enzyme route to alkaloid precursors”
  • Shuyi Ma (2006-2009) Center for Infectious Disease Research: "Systematic Assessment of Drug Susceptibility in Mycobacterium tuberculosis"
  • Gerald E. Wuenschell (1988-1991) Beckman Research Institute at the City of Hope: "Tissue-Imaging by Mass Spectrometry: A Novel Technique for Clinical and Basic Research"
  • Edgardo Farinas (1999-2003) New Jersey Institute of Technology: "Display methods for engineering and optimization of membrane proteins"
  • Devin Trudeau (2009-2014) Weizmann Institute of Science: "Rewiring photorespiration"
  • Anna Abelin (2006-2007) Loredge, Inc.: "Loredge - Free Your Mind - the perfect tool for curating your knowledge"